Department of Water Resources


The mission of the Nevada Division of Water Resources (NDWR) is to conserve, protect, manage and enhance the State's water resources for Nevada's citizens through the appropriation and reallocation of the public waters. In addition, the Division is responsible for quantifying existing water rights; monitoring water use; distributing water in accordance with court decrees; reviewing water availability for new subdivisions and condominiums; reviewing the construction and operation of dams; appropriating geothermal water; licensing and regulating well drillers and water rights surveyors; reviewing flood control projects; monitoring water resource data and records; and providing technical assistance to the public and governmental agencies.
Recent News
2147 Updated Schedule (September 26, 2023), Meeting Links, Presentations and Recordings for Conjunctive Use Management Strategies Workshops for the Humboldt River Region
2178 Upper Humboldt Model Released as Water Resources Bulletin 49
2171 Buena Vista Valley Notice of Abstract and Preliminary Order
2170 Preliminary Order Of Determination in the Matter of the Determination of the Relative Rights in and to the Waters of Buena Vista Valley Located Within the Central Region, Hydrographic Basin Number 10-129, Pershing and Churchill Counties, Nevada.
2168 State Water Plan - Stakeholder Advisory Group Meeting - September 2023
2161 Jersey Valley Order of Determination
2120 Announcement and Guidance for Submitting Abstracts and Presentations to NDWR Regarding Conjunctive Use Management Strategies for the Humboldt River Region
2082 Information about the State Water Plan Update
2076 NDOM and NDWR Project Permitting Guide
2072 Order 1333 - Establishing the Perennial Yield for the Cold Spring Valley Hydrographic Basin (100) Within Washoe County, Nevada, and Rescinding Interim Order 1307
2046 NDWR Bulletin Regarding Extensions of Time
2042 Restoring Order 1302 Adopting the Groundwater Management Plan for the Diamond Valley Hydrographic Basin (10-153) within Eureka County, Nevada
2029 Order 1331 Establishing the Perennial Yield for the Dry Valley Hydrographic Basin (095) Within Washoe County, Nevada
1417 Proof of pre-statutory vested water rights must be submitted to the Nevada State Engineer before December 31, 2027